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Front-end Developer [ENG]

  • Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederland



  • Releasing often through CI/CD.
  • Work with the latest React version. And we also program functionally with TypeScript (fp-ts).
  • Your impact is directly visible and contributes to port logistics.

Description of your professional mission

In this role, you will take the lead in designing and building Frontend functionality within the scrum team. As a scrum team member, you will analyse, build, test, and deploy software. You will also develop yourself, as it is your passion and motivation. You occasionally assist in the Backend. You have the experience to apply your backend skills, or you have the interest to expand your backend skills. It is important that team members can take over each other's tasks, as we want the team to operate autonomously.

You are a Frontend developer who talks passionately about your profession and closely follows the latest developments in your field. You breathe innovation and are continuously looking for smarter solutions, which you then share with your colleagues.

We are looking for you if

  • Scrum is not your goal, but Agile is how you work and think;
  • HBO/WO working and thinking level.
  • You have at least three years of work experience in JavaScript (React) and TypeScript.
  • Bonus if you are familiar with Python, FastAPI and/or fp-ts.
  • Have knowledge of multiple programming languages, open source libraries and frameworks;
  • Know how to keep frameworks under control and not the other way around;
  • Are familiar with test automation;
  • Have experience with CI/CD optimization. We use Bitbucket, Terraform, Docker, AWS Lamba and DynamoDB.
    Feels the urge to make things better.


What Portbase has to offer you

  • An office within walking distance of Station Blaak and De Markthal;
  • Performance management; ownership of your own development, just like with your code, you are in control, and we facilitate it;
  • Plenty of room for creativity, innovation, and your initiatives; We are open to any ideas/suggestions, whether you work with us for a week, a month, or a year;
  • A unique and pleasant working culture; we work together towards a common goal where we add value to the logistics community. You will be able to recognize these values in everything we do, including our collaboration;
  • 26 vacation days; and the option to buy additional days;
  • Necessary tools and good secondary working conditions; laptop, phone, travel expense reimbursement, a good pension scheme etc.;
  • A competitive annual salary; including a 13th month bonus;

About Portbase

We operate as both an IT company and a logistics service provider. We are both, and that makes us strong. We understand the market, the players, and their interests. We bring parties together, initiate chain agreements, and collaborate on solutions that make the Dutch ports and their supply chains more interesting for companies looking to transport goods across Europe.

We carefully listen to all parties in the logistics chain. From shipping company to terminal, from driver to customs officer: each link in the chain has its own challenges. Therefore, we work for the entire port community. We help them operate more efficiently and effectively by simply processing 140 million transactions per year on time through 40 different services.

Keeping things moving

Portbase has existed for 21 years now, and we are proud of that. What started as a mandate to digitize paperwork has grown into one of the most progressive Port Community Systems in the world and a connecting factor between all port partners.

In the future, we will continue to take the lead in developing comprehensive digital solutions to make integrated services simpler and more secure. If there's one thing we've learned in the past 21 years, it's that we can't stand still. As a port community, we are in motion, literally.

With this vacancy, we are actively seeking our own new colleague. If we can't find the right fit, we will take the step towards an agency to assist us. Therefore, we do not appreciate acquisition.


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